Prozen HRMS

ERP, Payroll, Mobility solutions, custom development

Prozen Ticketing System

Ticketing: Complete ticketing system including task management and admin panel

Prozen Stock Management System

Complete stock management with write-off solution

Prozen Hospital Management System

Complete hospital management, including finance and stock management.

Production Management System

Complete end to end production management including stock management and variance analysis

Prozen CRM System

Complete CRM solution including mass mailing, WhatsApp integration and SMS engine.

Prozen Integrated Communication Portal

Communication portal with seamless integration to business partner portal along with mass mailing, WhatsApp integration and SMS engine

Prozen Report Management System

Integrated report generation tool with dashboards and alerts. 

Prozen ERP

Complete ERP with all the standard solutions including: Sales, Purchases, Finance, Banking, Production, Stock Management

Prozen Cost Management System

Complete cost management including all costing elements like direct costing, indirect costing, imports ,production and document management system.

Prozen Delivery Management System

Complete delivery solution including planning, stock and fleet management. 

Prozen Quality Testing System

Complete quality control solution. Including test control and stock management. 

Prozen Purchasing and Cashflow Management System

Complete Cashflow management tool including purchasing ,budgets and cost management. 

Prozen Restaurant Management System

Complete restaurant management system including kitchen and table management. 

Prozen Continuning Professional Development (CPD) System

Complete point system management including event and attendance.

Prozen Point of Sale

Complete POS solution including payment gateway